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Wooden Toy Trucks
Car Carrier |Tractor w/Flatbed | Bulldozer  | Fire Truck | Horse Trailer | Trailer Truck | Crane Truck | Tanker Truck | Tractor N Wagon | Dump Truck | Container Truck | Log Carrier | Fork Lift

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Wooden Toy Trucks
Handmade by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County Pennsylvania
These wooden toy trucks are made with 1/2" hardwood maple or birch with a Harvest Pine finish. Made to last for generations of fun-filled play.
Please note: Some items may take up to two weeks for delivery. If you are in a rush, please call or email for delivery schedule for your item.

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
Cars: 5"L x 3"H

Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock.
Car Carrier with 6 Cars $119
    Add To Cart

Tractor with Flatbed Trailer

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
 (Bulldozer sold separately. Skids included.)

Tractor with Flatbed Trailer $79     Add To Cart


8"L x  5"W x 4"H

Bulldozer $39.95 -      Add To Cart 

Fire Truck

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
Ladder lifts and swivels.
Includes 1 removable ladder, hose, and wind-up hose.

Fire Truck $89     Add To Cart

Fire Truck Painted Red $105     Add To Cart

Horse Trailer

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
Trailer door functions as ramp.
Includes 3 wooden horses.

Horse Trailer $95     Add To Cart

Trailer Truck

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
Rear trailer doors open.

Trailer Truck $89     Add To Cart

Crane Truck

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
Crane swivels/raises. Hook is on reel.

Crane Truck $89     Add To Cart

Tanker Truck

7"H x 24"L x 5"W

Tanker Truck $89     Add To Cart

Hay Bales for Tractor and Wagon
15 Pieces

2.25" L
Tractor and Wagon

14"L x 4"H
Hay Bales included.

Tractor and Wagon $49.95     Add To Cart

Dump Truck

7"H x 14.5"L x 5"W

Dump Truck $89     Add To Cart

Container/Skid Truck

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
Includes 3 Containers.

Container/Skid Truck with Containers $95     Add To Cart

Fork Lift
Works with Container/Skid Truck

9.5"H x 12"L x 4.5"W

Fork Lift $49     Add To Cart

Log Carrier

7"H x 24"L x 5"W
Includes Logs.

Log Carrier $89     Add To Cart

 We ship only to USA addresses.

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