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A C I D Cigars
(Arthur Chester Industrial Design)

     Many cigar lovers have traveled Central America to visit their favorite cigar factories, returning with stories of how cigars were rolled or pressed or even fermented.  But travel three hours deep into the third world of Nicaragua and ask how to get to the factory that produces ACID Cigars, and you might be disappointed.  " Si no es empleado - no pase". That means "If you're not an employee, don't come in". 
     ACID Cigars are the best-kept secret in Nicaragua.  Only a handful of Westerners have been permitted to enter the small, temple like factory where ACID Cigars are created.  Once inside, a half dozen highly trained tobacco blenders scurry about, checking and rechecking tobacco blends and raw material specifications.  Over two hundred different herbs and oils line the blending wall leading from the cuarto aromatico (aroma room) to the rolling area, which is mysteriously perched on a large outside deck.
      ACID Cigars reveals a new form to cigar manufacturing, blending over 140 botanicals, Asian oils and herbs together with the valued understandings of Cuban Cigar rolling.  ACID Cigars are all natural and handmade in Nicaragua.


ACID ONE has one of the richest Cameroon Africa wrappersa available that has been cask-cured for an additional 90 days. Its rich tobaccos are cured in red wines from Chile, Italy, France, California as well as a Sangria indigenous to the foothills of Nicaragua.  This is a cigar that can always stand proudly solo  Torpedo size is 5" x 54 ring with a tapered pigtail head and uncut foot.    
             ACID ONE Single Offered at $8.95-  
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ACID ONE Box of 24 Offered at $175 -   Add To Cart  





Acid Remi  (Blue)

The Acid Remi (Blue) line holds within it the cigars most widely desired by Acid Cigar aficionados. Names like Kuba Kuba, 1400 cc, Kong and Wafe are all mainstays with their mellow rich flavors, sweet tastes and captivating aromas. Wrapped in metallic blue, this line is the careful combination of the finest cigar tobaccos deliciously infused with all natural herbs, essential oils, and an extra touch of floral botanicals. These cigars are the smokes of choice by those seeking total relaxation from the daily rigors of life.


ACID KUBA KUBA is the most aromatic blend that draws easily with an even burn, smooth and tasty.  Very pleasant aroma with a Sumatra wrapper that leaves a sweet taste on your lips.  The Kuba Kuba is the best-selling cigar in the Acid Blue series.  Size is 5" x 54 Ring. 

ACID KUBA KUBA Single Offered at $7.50 Add To Cart 

ACID KUBA KUBA Box of 24 Offered at $149 Add To Cart 



ACID 1400cc is a super-charged robusto with all of its aromatic qualities sealed under glass.  One of Acid's most mild cigars with floral and herbal qualities.  Connecticut Shade wrapper.  Size is 5" x 50 ring.


ACID 1400cc Single Offered at $8.50    Add To Cart  

ACID 1400cc Box of 18 Offered at $139    Add To Cart  



ACID BLONDIE - Don't let the size (4" x 38 Ring) of this Connecticut Shade wrapped powerhouse fool you.  With a sweet beginning and knockout finish, it is a 4" half-hour of smoking pleasure that leaves you smiling and coming back for more.   
ACID BLONDIE Single Offered at $4.60 -
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ACID BLONDIE Box of 40 Offered at $149 - Add To Cart 


Acid Wafe

     Measuring a mere 1/3" thick and 4" long the Acid Wafe is one of the most intriguing cigars ever crafted. Thin only in stature, the Wafe is jam-packed with sweet tastes of honey and cream within its Nicaraguan core. The Wafe serves as testament to the artisanship of Drew Estate's cigar makers and is the only cigar that has ever been patented.

Acid Wafe Single Offered at $4.25-  Add To Cart 



Acid Holistic Gold

Patiently awaiting the soft flicker of flame from you, Acid Holistic Gold  are a worthy tribute to all that is refined and elegant in life. Every Atom Maduro, Earthiness, and Cold Infusion Tea is a carefully measured distinct blend of the finest cigar tobaccos touched with the softest kiss  of the most secret herbal infusions. These are the Acid cigars of choice for the epicurean palate and soul.

ACID COLD INFUSION TEA taste is peach cobbler and the aroma of fresh cut pine on a crisp day.  A refreshing afternoon cigar (especially when you take the afternoon off).  Connecticut Shade wrapper. Size is 6 1/2" x 44 Ring.

         ACID COLD INFUSION TEA Single Offered at $6.95 -
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ACID COLD INFUSION TEA Box of 24 Offered at $139 - Add To Cart  


Acid Red

Their fiery bands serve as a warning to prepare yourself for the most intense Acid smoking experience of your life. Simply known as "Red Acid" these potent concoctions of ripe black tobaccos with unbridled infusion oil-laced recipes are not for the timid. Smokes like Liquid, Nasty, Nefasto snicker at the accepted boundaries and keep pressing your sensed far beyond. For most, flavor and aroma overload will result, but for the hardcore each smoke delivers a sliver of bliss unachievable by any other cigar.

  ACID LIQUID is a Connecticut Shade wrapped robusto with a very rich taste.  This mild to medium bodied aromatic smoke offers hints of cashew nut flavor.  Size is 5" x 50 ring with a pigtail head and uncut foot.  

           ACID LIQUID Single Offered at $7.35 -   Add To Cart   

      ACID LIQUID Box of 24 Offered at $159 -   Add To Cart   

ACID NASTY is a little maduro pyramid that cigar smokers have compared to  semi-sweet bakers chocolate in color.  This fine cigar has a floral and cocoa bouquet.  The maduro wrapper has a pigtail head and an uncut foot.  Recommendation; toast off the uncut foot before drawing on this smoke.  The scent of crushed roses will surround you.  Size is 4" x 52 ring (pyramid)  

ACID NASTY Single Offered at $5.95 -   
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 ACID NASTY Box of 24 Offered at $129 -    Add To Cart  


Acid Juggernaut (Purple)

     The Acid purple banded cigars are often misunderstood. Classically, the term juggernaut is used to describe and literal or metaphorical unstoppable force that crushes all in its path. Extra Ordinary Larry with its super rich infusion and large size makes sense, but how does the extra-creamy mild Roam or the twig-like C-Note warrant such a herald? Simply, while they may be wildly different in stature and taste, each is the offspring of a complex hybrid oil and botanical infusion and undeniable flavor monsters within their own domain. To best understand, you must experience.

      ACID C-NOTE is the ACID cigarillo, created to raise a lot of eyebrows in a mere 20 minutes.  The David amongst the Goliaths.  Rich and medium bodied.  Size is 5"x 20 ring.  Banded in groups of 5.   The wrapper is Sumatra.  

ACID C-NOTE Offered at $8.95/5-pack -    Add To Cart  

ACID C-NOTE Box of 20/5-Pks (100 cigars) Offered at $169 -    Add To Cart  


Extra Ordinary Larry
is impressive in both size and construction.  A must have for the devout smoker.  Initial rose-like qualities followed by a second layer of sweet spice.  Larry is very well balanced and multi-dimensional.  The Maduro wrapper has a Pigtail head and and uncut foot. Size is 6" x 60 ring.  

Extra Ordinary Larry Offered at $11.50  -     Add To Cart  

Extra Ordinary Larry Box of 10 Offered at $109   -     Add To Cart  

     ACID KRUSH CLASSIC: By infusing essential oils, herbs, and botanicals with the finest long filler Nicaraguan tobaccos, ACID Cigars create a kaleidoscope of tastes never before imagined in a cigar.  Now the  experience of smoking an ACID Cigar is captured in ACID KRUSH CLASSIC.  Packaged in a collectible tin, these handcrafted petite cigars have all of the distinctive tastes that you have grown to love, in the four unmistakable blends of ACID: Red and Purple Botanical as well as Blue and Gold Herbal.  Size is 4" X 32 ring. Offered at $18.95 for a tin of 10 cigars.

ACID KRUSH CLASSIC RED Tin of 10    Add To Cart  

ACID KRUSH CLASSIC PURPLE Tin of 10 -     Add To Cart  

ACID KRUSH CLASSIC BLUE Tin of 10    Add To Cart  

ACID KRUSH CLASSIC GOLD Tin of 10    Add To Cart  

     The ACID Collector Tin contains 14 Acid cigars on two levels.  The cigars are
http://amishshop.com/hazel-doc/images/acidtin.jpg (145509 bytes) Liquid 5" x 50 ring, Nasty 4" x 52 ring, Freedom Flight 6" x 50 ring, Earthiness 5" x 42 ring, Blondie 4" x 38 ring, Kuba Kuba 5" x 54 ring, Kong Camerooon 4" x 52-62 ring (pyramid), Roam 7" x 48 ring, Acid 1 a  5" x 54 ring, and 5 C-Note 5" x 20 ring.   Great as a gift to you and others.  Offered at $65            (click picture to view enlarged)

ACID Collector Tin of 14 Cigars    Add To Cart  

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