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Puntini Italian Gourmet JuJubes
Tender and Uncommonly Delicious

Puntini Cinnamon

Imported Candies from Italy

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Frutti Assortiti  Cinnamon Frutti Tropicali Sambuca Menta Fresca 

Puntini in Gold Tower

 9.5 oz - approx. 220 pieces - in a Gold Tower (food-quality cardboard tube ).

Puntini in Gold Round Tin

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Approximately 10.1 oz - 232 pieces - in a 6.5"dia. x 2" high tin.

Puntini Half-pound sealed plastic Bag - approx. 185 pieces.

Puntini Cinnamon

    Puntini Cinnamon flavored jujubes are full of that wonderful, old fashioned cinnamon flavor you loved as a child. Tender in texture and not too spicy... "just right." 

Puntini Cinnamon $11.95/9.5 oz. Gold Tower.  - Add To Cart  

Puntini Cinnamon $9.95/8 oz. Bag  - Add To Cart  

Puntini Cinnamon $15.95/10.1 oz. Round Tin. - Add To Cart  
Puntini Cinnamon

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Modified Food Starch (From corn and potatoes), Gum Arabic, Sorbitol (a trivial amount to retain moisture only and not as a sugar substitute), Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors. Colored with Elderberry Juice.

Serving size = 16 pieces(15g)
40 Calories
Total Fat 0%
Sodium 0%
Total Carb  4%

Product Attributes: This candy is free of gluten, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. It contains no artificial FD&C colors or preservatives and is manufactured without genetically modified ingredients.

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Frutti Assortiti  Cinnamon Frutti Tropicali Sambuca Menta Fresca 

Puntini Tender Italian Gourmet Jujubes

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